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Factory Add:251-253 Kang Fu Rd., Xinhe, Shanghai
Company Add: Shanghai Wantai Apartment---Taijing Garden Rm.101, No.9, Lane 3128, Qi Xin Rd.
PIC:Mr. Song Deming
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Brief Introduction of Aqueous Heat Transforming Printing Finishing Mixture
  MD series of aqueous heat transforming printing finishing mixture consists of transfer paper or transfer film, deshaping agent, transfer color paste, transfer white paste and transfer keying paste.
Main Ingredient: Imported synthetic resin and additive.
PH Value: 6-7
Temperature of Heat Transfer Printing: A Type: 120℃; B Type: 100℃
Mesh Quantity of Silkscreen Printing:
Color Paste: 80-120 meshes; square-opening scraper or semi-round-opening polyurethane scraper chosen。
White Paste: 80-100 meshes; round-opening scraper chosen
Keying Paste: 60-80 meshes, round-opening soft rubber scraper.
Operational Procedure: 1、Print deshaping agent first;
2、Print color pattern;
3、Print white paste wholly;
4、Print whole keying paste wholly; Widen the whole figure line by 2-3MM compared with original pattern in course of plate making. 
MD series of aqueous heat transforming printing finishing mixture is characterized by water resistance, excellent fastness and good hand feeling. The most important advantage of this new product is that it contains no harmful solvent, so the production environment is greatly improved and personnel’s health is well protected. It is easy to use since transfer color printing paste may be adjusted at will. So there is no need to buy all of the colors like solvent printing paste, which cut the cost of production drastically. Conforming to textile environmental protection requirements of Japan and Germany, this new product is a healthy product especially presented by Meide Company in the 21st Century. Full aqueous four-color mesh heat transfer printing paste was launched before long.

Research and Application of Full Aqueous Mesh Printing Ink
Shanghai Meide Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Song Deming

Shanghai Meide Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a sole corporation specialized in manufacturing special printing finishing mixture for garments with imported materials. In April 1999, it developed environment friendly full aqueous mesh printing ink successfully, including A type, B type and C type.
MD-994 full aqueous mesh printing ink can pass silkscreen more than 300 meshes. It is characterized by superior rheopexy, fine quality and no mesh block. This paste won’t incrust after silkscreen closes up for 24 hours. It contains no volatile harmful solvent, so it conforms to the environmental protection requirements for printing and dyeing in Japan and Germany. (The content of formaldehyde of our products is lower than 15PPM. We could offer the testing report from Japan Textile Testing Association). It is printed according to the order of yellow, blue, red and black. It is characterized by excellent reducibility, fastness and hand feeling. A type is resilient. B type is not resilient. C type is specially used for paper box.
Technology: Silkscreen printing, baking, and then bake under 120℃ to 150℃ for one to three minutes; C type dries quickly. The last covering light can achieve offset printing effect of high-grade printing ink.
This new product keeps environment from being polluted that foreign solvent four-color printing ink always causes. The presentation of this new product will take the place of conventional imported solvent four-color printing ink for sure. It has broad market prospect for advertisement making, color printing of paper box, printing of various travel arts & crafts as well as copy of traditional Chinese painting, oil painting and decorative painting etc.
How to make four-color mesh printing: MD-994 aqueous four-color mesh printing ink is characterized by bright colors, simple operation and low price that is only one fifth or seventh of that of imported four-color printing ink. Four-color silkscreen printing works that is 95% or above like the original can be achieved with a set of excellent four-color silkscreen printing techniques along with such an excellent product. This is very helpful to improve the four-color silkscreen effect of electronic color-separation plate.
  Material Choice
1. Silkscreen: Single-silk polyester yellow silkscreen of about 240-350 meshes should be chosen. Since when white silkscreen is exposed, beam will refract, which causes highlight detail loss of patterns.
The elongation of silkscreen must be low. To avoid moiré, user had better choose silkscreen whose meshes are 5.5 times to 6 times of meshes or wires of electric burst.
2. Sensitive Film: Double-solidifying diazo sensitive resin film of high solid content, excellent capacity of image dissection, good adhesivity to the bridge joint of silkscreen should be chosen so as to assure no loss of highlight mesh points, high definition and high resolution of screen in course of exposal.
  Making of Screen
1. Electric Burst: Offer printing original to the division holding computer silkscreen printing system for color separation and plating making to make image scanning, plating making till output of electric burst. The frequency modulation mesh points of electric burst had better be 35-80 lines/inch. The sensitive layer should be on the face of negative plate. The mesh points and lines of electric burst is decided according to dimension of printing works and viewing distance. Generally speaking, advertisements are viewed at a long distance (one meter longer than viewing distance at least), so 35-40lines/inch and 240-300 meshes are favorable. Higher lines of mesh points such as 55, 60, 65, 70, 80 and 100 lines should be chosen for garment printing, printing of arts & crafts and paper boxes.
  2. Wrap Silkscreen: Wrap silkscreen obliquely. The angles for different colors of mesh points are usually as the following: 90 degrees for yellow plate, 75 degrees for blue plate, 15 degrees for red plate and 45 degrees for black plate. If the mesh quantity is 5.5 times- 6 times more than line quantity of electric burst, user can wrap the silkscreen vertically too so as to prevent disgusting moiré that often happens to four-color silkscreen printing. The most important thing for screen wrapping is that the tension of the four frames must be the same. If not, different stretched lengths of silkscreen will be made in course of printing, which will cause inaccurate over printing.
  3. Coat sensitive film: Clean the four frames with washing powder or cleaning agent. After they are dry, use a coater with sharp edge, whose width is similar to the inside of the printing plate in even strength. First coat the ink scraping side once and reverse the plate and coat the ink scraping side once again. And then coat the printing side twice. The thickness of film has better be 20 microns. The paste mustn’t be too thick, or the mesh points diffuse easily. Place the plate horizontally to dry it after coating under the temperature lower than 30℃. Blow it with a fan at last. The darkroom must be clean and free from dust.
  4. Printing: The order ranges as yellow, blue, red and black. Print black plate at the beginning and then adjust one by one.
  5. Manual printing: If you are in need of large quantities of manual printing, four workers whose hand feeling and strength cooperate well should be chosen on trial. The printing platform ought to be plane. Special attention should be paid to the distance between the silkscreen and the platform, which ought to be limited within 2mm to 3mm. Above all, the speed of scraper affect printing effect, so the speed should be decided according to the precision of four-color silkscreen printing, the grounding of material, hygroscopicity and the feature of superficial structure. Compared with original color and start printing after find accurate feeling.
Our company also manufactures elastic paste, aqueous paste, white paste, silver paste and golden paste for cover printing, foam paste, flagrant paste and luminous paste etc. Our telephone for technical consultation: 021-64786912. We guarantee quality and consider credit as the first thing. We offer timely delivery and agent of consignment. Four-color silkscreen printing looks bullish. All advertisement makers, printing factories, packing factories, decorative factories and laid-off workers, don’t hesitate and don’t stay back. Catch hold of the precious opportunity and remember the early bird catches the worm.



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