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Factory Add:251-253 Kang Fu Rd., Xinhe, Shanghai
Company Add: Shanghai Wantai Apartment---Taijing Garden Rm.101, No.9, Lane 3128, Qi Xin Rd.
PIC:Mr. Song Deming
Mobile Phone:013901622976
Mr. Song Zhenxin
Mobile Phone:013801952094


MD Fragrant Finishing Mixture(All Fragrances)
MD Golden and Silver Powdered Finishing Mixture
MD Aqueous Heat Transforming Printing Finishing Mixture and Deshaping Agent
MD Nctuous Heat Melting Finishing Mixture and Aqueous Heat Baking Powder
MD Thick, Medium, Fine Imported Heat Transforming Powder
MD-2001 Jeans Whitening Finishing Mixture and Dyeing Finishing Mixture
NEWFlocking Paste for Transfer Printing
  After many years' research, Shanghai Meide Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has turned over the rule that only flocking machine can do flocking during flocking printing.
Operating Details:
  60 meshes is better for plate making-Silk screen with 80 meshes should be coated with sensitive agent. The inverse should be repeatedly scratched to make the pattern paste thicker on fabric and enhance the fastness. Dry the printed pattern after printing. And then press and iron the flocking paper provided by our company under 140℃ for 5-8 seconds emphatically. Take off the flocking printing paper and the transfer flocking printing is completed. Its most distinct advantage is achieving neat production of workshops and reducing investment. It makes it possible to undertake pattern printing orders hard to take at ordinary times.

NEWMD Fragrant Paste
  Shanghai Meide Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. presented MD Fragrant Paste. The content of formaldehyde of our products is lower than 15PPM, conformed to the environmental protection requirements for printing and dyeing in Japan and Germany.
MD fragrant paste can be printed on 100% cotton, dacron and chemical fibre fabrics etc. This product is characterized by fine texture, excellent operability and no mesh block. The baking temperature is 120℃. The baking should last 1-3min. Its most distinct advantage is waterproof. The patterns are endowed with various fragrances which could be kept for half a year at least.



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