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Factory Add:251-253 Kang Fu Rd., Xinhe, Shanghai
Company Add: Shanghai Wantai Apartment---Taijing Garden Rm.101, No.9, Lane 3128, Qi Xin Rd.
PIC:Mr. Song Deming
Mobile Phone:013901622976
Mr. Song Zhenxin
Mobile Phone:013801952094


  Our products conform to textile environmental protection requirements of Japan and Germany. Their content of formaldehyde is lower than 15ppm. Their fastness is higher than the 4th level. The hand feeling is fairly soft.)
MD-994 High-grade Four-color Mesh Point Aqueous Printing Ink(A type, B type and C type can pass silk screen of more than 300 screen meshes)
MD-410 High-grade Resilient White Finishing Mixture
MD-520 High-grade Resilient Color Finishing Mixture
MD-550 High-grade Resilient Transparent Finishing Mixture
MD-2002 Low Temperature Full Aqueous Heat Setting Printing Ink
MD Super Soft High-grade Aqueous Finishing Mixture(no hand feeling or smell)

NEWLow Temperature Full Aqueous Heat Setting Printing Ink
  Shanghai Meide Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. newly presented low temperature full aqueous heat setting printing ink. The content of formaldehyde of our products is lower than 15PPM, conformed to the environmental protection requirements for printing and dyeing in Japan and Germany.
low temperature full aqueous heat setting printing ink is characterized by extremely high hiding power and fine texture. It can pass silkscreen with more than 350 meshes. It has no mesh block, so the operation is easy. The color could be blended at will. As high-grade environmental protection product, this type of ink has no smell.
Since the traditional heat setting printing ink must be baked by high temperature of 180℃, the fabric is liable to be distorted or change color. Whereas, these two sorts of
low temperature full aqueous heat setting printing inks avoid the preceding phenomena entirely. Generally speaking, heat treatment of finished product could be baked by high temperature of 120℃ for 1~2min just like common offset printing.   
This printing ink has excellent stretchability and aquosity. The dry friction fastness is as high as level 4 at least. It can be stored properly in cool conditions for five years. Its most distinct advantage is saving electricity expense so that production cost is greatly reduced. This product is widely applied to 100% cotton and chemical fibre fabrics except waterproof nylon cloth.

NEWFull Aqueous Plastic Nylon Printing Ink
  Shanghai Meide Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has made full aqueous plastic printing ink successfully after many years' research and experiment with great concentration. This product contains white ink, transparent ink and four-color special ink, which can be widely used on oxford cases, jeans sandish silk printing and KT etc.
Most of dissolvents of printing inks contain cancerogenous substances that pollute the environment badly. This product makes it possible to print with something else besides dissolvent type printing ink, which would improve the production environment of workshops and protect employees' physical and mental health.

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